Arrive To Your Next Important Event With Glamour And Class


One of the scenes that is almost iconic, is showing up at a special event in a limousine. A limousine is a representative mark of prestige and luxury, bound to literally take breaths away as it arrives. After all, limousines have been known to transport various celebrities to important events, so showing up in one is bound to stir up some excitement. Showing up in one is certainly a way to win the crowds over, you still have to make sure that you rent the right one, to go along with your specific requirements for the event.

You could have one for almost any type of an event

Plenty of lifetime milestones call for a limo. You could rent one for your wedding, a sweet 16 birthday party, a special tour, prom or even a concert. All of these different events can make your stretch limo hire process slightly different. A lot of the limousine renting companies will charge differently, based on the type of the event you are looking to rent one for. Keep in mind that, if you are planning to use one for an airport transfer, the rates are slightly higher, and there may be a slight alteration to the hourly minimums for limousine, especially on Friday or Saturday nights.

Check how many passengers you will be having

To be able to rent a limousine successfully and be in control, you need to be well-informed about the event you will be attending. The vast majority of the stretch limo hire companies will usually charge by the hour, so you need to calculate how much time you will need. Keep in mind that you need all of this information way before you make the call, and if there is anyone accompanying you, make sure you know exactly how many people will be coming with you. Depending on the amount of people that will ride with you, you may need a larger or smaller vehicle. You certainly don’t want to cram your guests into a very small space they can barely fit into.

Choose the size of the vehicle appropriately

It would be good for you to have at least a basic draft of what kind of a vehicle type you will need. You can get the regular passenger limousines, that can seat up to 12 people, but if the number of your guests extends beyond this number, you will need to get an SUV limousine, a passenger Hummer or a small limo bus, which can seat comfortably. Whatever the vehicle you choose may be, make sure to double check if it has all of the space to comfortably seat the guests. Also, you definitely want it to have the appropriate look for the type of event you have to attend.

Take care of the entertainment

If you are not sure how many guests may or may not arrive, always make sure to have at least two more passenger seats than what your estimate is. Ask the rental company whether or not they will be able to provide you with a satellite radio, for entertainment during your drive, and if they can’t, prepare in advance and burn your own CDs with plenty of music to last you for the entire drive.