How Accidents On State Highways Should Be Taken Care Of?

Road accidents are a very common occurrence in almost every country all year round. Even if you are from USA, India or even from a small country like Hawaii, the number of vehicular accidents each year is probably really high. Most of the time, in case anyone does meet with an accident they cannot just sit and wait for help considering they are broken down on a busy highway. The chance of a stranger stopping by and offering help is also really slim as most vehicles do not want to stop while driving on a state highway. Even so, there are a few simple tips that you might need to do in case of a break down.

Calling for help

No this does not mean you stand by the road and call for help, it means you need to pick up a mobile phone you most probably would have and call for help. It does not matter if the accident occurs at night or in the day time because 24 hour tow truck Adelaide services are always available. Unless it is a major accident and you are unable to do so, you have to stay in your car, calm yourself down and dial for help. The sooner you call for help, the sooner help will find you.

Your Safety

As the accident would happen on a highway, you must make sure that your car is off the sides of the road so it does not cause road blocks. This of course should only be done if you able to do so only. Make sure to turn on your emergency lights so people can see your car. If it does make you feel better you can also call 911 and let them know of the accident as well. If it is a rather large accident, a forklift towing would need to be used to transport the car. Another important fact to remember is that if anyone of your passengers are hurt, try to nail down a passing car to get you to the hospital as soon as possible. You can then always come back for your car. See this post if you are looking for forklift towing.

Legal Action

After making sure no one is hurt and that you did all you could possibly do, then that is your cue to let your insurance services know. You need to tell them everything about the crash as they are ones that are going to pay for the damages of your car. Other legal work like police reports or so will also have to be dealt with once you get help.