How To Hire The Right Wedding Transportation

This is one thing that we don’t usually given much thought to, but keep in mind this is just as important as the food or the dress since this is what will enable you to get to your ceremony. You need to be sure that it is safe and that it is reliable. Therefore here are few tips that you can keep in mind.

The wedding timeline

You don’t necessarily need to write down every little detail of the wedding ceremony but you will need to have a basic plan laid out. For example, you will need to tell the chauffeur service what time they need to pick up the bride by using the hired wedding car, what time will makeup be done, what time will the groom be ready, the time they will be leaving for the reception and at the time the reception is most likely to end. Once you have this time line established you can then start looking for possible rental companies. Ideally you should start this search 6 months ahead of the big day. That way you can have more time to go through the differ possibilities and make a well informed decision.

Figure out your budget

Your budget is a big deciding factor from the food, to the dress and to the wedding day transport. You need to think through the fee per hour, the cost of traveling distance and the mileage form one location to another that you will need to go on that day. So you need to find the types of charges offered by different companies. Find out the hour rates, special packages they have and also find out how much they will charge if you go over the discus timeline make sure you cover extra costs as well.

Read the fine print

Once you have figured out what you want and the price range you need to stick with, now you can choose your preferred chauffeur service. After you have made your decision make sure that you obtain a written contract regarding the terms such as total cost, the amount required to be deposited, payment details in terms of installments or full payment at once, the pickup time, the drop off time, the locations, the model of the car, drivers information and also conditions for extra costs on that day.

Beside these keep in mind to inform the deriver beforehand about the route that will be taken on that day. And also make sure you pass on information like the necessary directions and routes in case of traffic jam or road block. This can help you to be better prepared to transportation issues on that day.