When It’s Time For The “L” Plates

So the time has come and now there will be another driver in the house. Do you have the patience to teach them without causing a drama every time they get behind the wheel? Yes/ no, not sure, though then again maybe you are willing to try. So go ahead and try, though reading the learner’s manual is a good decision before you start to teach them, personally recommended. Nothing like a learner telling you what you have done wrong while you are behind the wheel either, it is slightly embarrassing. Can you hear it now “mum you are supposed to use your indicators when leaving a roundabout, or you are supposed to stop for 3 seconds here not like that?” Oh dear so now I have to watch what I am doing and try to lead by example. It is easy to say how they should be driving and then say “well when you get your licence you can drive how you like,” though this is not correct either, when they finally go out on their own you hope they remember all the proper driving skills they are taught.

A driving school is a great idea, for those extra lessons and sometimes just because they have a car that will match what you are looking to buy for your first car. Gone are the days when you made an appointment at a driving school and you just had to learn to drive in the car they had. Now there are schools with small cars, larger ones, and even a Ute. Giving you a wider range to choose from when you are learning. This is a good idea as it comes as a big shock when you learn to drive in a small car and change to a four wheel drive, very big difference.
There is also the fact that you need a driving school to help when you finally go for your “P” licence. It is not a bad choice to have a couple of drives with a driving school, as they have the experience and knowledge and hopefully the patience to pass on to their students their knowledge that will one day save them from accidents.
Driving schools that offer defensive driving classes are great. This is one skill that I wish I could have learnt when I was learning to drive. I certainly paid for my children to attend them and hope that even though they now have the skills to save themselves from an accident that they will also not ever have to use those skills. Driving schools Wanneroo are becoming expensive today with the price of a lesson increasing, to where some people cannot afford lesson only from the school, so a mixture of lessons from you, partner or friend and a driving school is on